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Cupreous price market price all the way violent wind rises
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3 two months come recently, cupreous price all the way violent wind rises, price of every tons of copper from before 40 thousand multivariate go up to nearly 80 thousand yuan. To make, the abidance of raw material rises caused downstream product price shoot up, home appliance of Wei lane hardware, building materials, near future price goes generally high.

Recently, when inn of lock of a few hardware is visited understanding arrives, nearly a few months come to the product value that always is raw material with copper break up almost time, cupreous core lock is successive already a few with 20% of the left and right sides go up raise price.

The lock inn boss of card of electron of dot of gold of a special sale says small commodities town, the lock price of the core that carry copper rises swift and violent, the business also is affected. Nod electronic lock like gold, present went up than before into valence 5 yuan of money, go up nearly 10% .

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