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Brazilian Vale asks to increase raise iron ore price
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According to Tokyo on September 11 dispatch - VALE9 of Brazilian resources company announces 9 days month, make the same score the price difference with European market to wipe, this company already asked the user such as Taiwan of Korea and Japan, China, China raises iron ore to purchase the value further 11 - 11.5 % . 2008 money year, the price of ITABIRA pink mine that VALE and Asia and European steelworks sign is 118.98 cent respectively / DMTU (FOB) with 134.41 cent / DMTU (FOB) . If Asian user agrees to raise price, VALE year sales revenue will increase nearly 3 % . Came on June 30, 2007 on June 30, 2008, this company achieves sales revenue 35.5 billion dollar. Negotiation of price of iron ore year leads preexistence some normally undertake between top class and steely company and resources company, decide to be used by other steel mill again after fiducial price. But 2008 money year iron ore market appears 2 fiducial prices, namely Australian iron ore rises in price 79.88 % , brazilian iron ore rises in price 65 % . Apt of a lot of iron ore supplier use bay ore deposit fiducial.

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