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The advantage of sliding bearing is analytic
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Sliding bearing (Sliding Bearing) , working bearing falls in sliding friction. Sliding bearing job is smooth, reliable, without noise. In the liquid lubricant condition falls, sliding surface is parted by lube and do not produce direct contact, still can reduce attrition loss and surface to wear away greatly, oily film still has certain suction brace up ability. But starting attrition resistance is greater. The axis is called by the part of bearing bearing journal, with journal suitable spare parts calls plain bearing liner. It is to improve the attrition quality of surface of plain bearing liner inside its apparently the anti-friction material layer of mould calls bearing line. The material a general designation of plain bearing liner and bearing line is sliding bearing material. Commonly used sliding bearing material has bearing alloy (cry again cling to family name alloy or white alloy) , cast-iron, copper radical mixes wear-resisting material of aluminium radical alloy, pulverous metallurgy, plastic, balata, hardwood and carbon - black lead, get together 4 fluorine ethylene (PTFE) , modified polyformaldehyde (POM) , etc. Sliding bearing application is like field syncretic below condition of operating mode of low speed burden, or care and maintenance and increase the locomotive position that notes lube difficulty.

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