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Fujian: Hardware Plumbing collective enterprises "skip" appliance industry
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Hardware Plumbing enterprise collective group of "skip" the appliance industry, located in Fujian Nanan City, "China Plumbing City" is being quietly changed. This collective "skip" phenomenon indicates that metal plumbing industry will usher in a breakthrough opportunity to upgrade the industry expect a rise in the southern region of Metro appliance industry. A county-level city in Fujian Nanan Fujian Province as the center metal plumbing industry clusters, after 30 years of development, now occupy the seventh of the country the world market similar products with Chinese brand names 4, the National Inspection-free Product 6, well-known trademarks in China 8, the establishment of national laboratories in the enterprise, there are two national inspection centers, also has the largest and highest degree of specialization of the plumbing professional market - "China Plumbing City" in 2009, Nanan City, more than metal plumbing industry output value 5.0 billion. In recent years, the national industrial policy adjustment, environmental upgrades, raw metal prices soaring and the "labor shortage" and many other issues the horns of a metal plumbing industry, thin profit "gut Road." "Self-transformation and upgrading, jump on the home appliance industry 'high-speed train', part of the plumbing business so began the transformation of a bold breakthrough." Lin, general manager of the Friends of undergraduate electrical Kim said. Friends of Jinjie Shao Lin: "Hardware and Plumbing industry is a highly labor-intensive industries dependent on resources, in terms of employment alone, the output value of each additional billion, would need to increase by about 3,000 workers. Second, the metal plumbing company's core production technologies are often do not have the hands in the enterprise, but by the hands of skilled workers. The whole industry is subject to 'people' is particularly serious. " 2009 rounded undergraduate electrical home appliances water heater industry 2 billion investment to introduce advanced production equipment and recruit a group of industry professionals, the rapid rise of rookie for the home appliance industry. Reporter from the Fujian Association of bathroom plumbing valve industry that, at present, to undergraduate Electric Co., Ltd., represented by the metal plumbing industry to switch over the household electrical appliance enterprises in the southern region of at least 10, many of the metal plumbing business will gradually transferred into the degree of automation and high technology content home appliance industry. "Now, annual undergraduate electrical water heater up to 40 million units, the output value of 4 million, the standardized production of the assembly line just more than 300 workers. Enterprises themselves also firmly in the hands of all the core high-end technology, which are conducive to business to achieve rapid expansion in the starting point. "Lin You-Jin said. The industry believes that the current multitude of strong home appliances water heater industry, reached the collective enterprises in Fujian metal plumbing is bound to face tremendous challenges.
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