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Vacuum glass canal high-powered change
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Vacuum glass runs the thermal collector that combines with CPC baffle-board, already company of home of know exactly about sth develops a success. The vacuum glass canal that polish WATTSpa company produces thermal collector is structure of canal of double deck glass, be in charge of outside and vacuum is between inner tube, the treatment inside inner tube is become insert the belt is alternative absorb velar market to heat up a canal. Stick arenaceous blemish without heat to maintain vacuum, glass and metal, need not worry about the vacuum damaged that arises as thermal stress, with the vacuum glass pipe that China produces likeness. Standard value, 9 collect heat is in charge of group edition, device of 1.85m2 of collect hot area 690 euro, 15 group board 1125 euro.

Use the device of large requirements glass, the GreenOneTec company that already had Austria at present (Japan total factorial Sabiao) the Themomax company with England (issue of Japanese thing trade) , but at present new Austrian Strebel such manufacturer is famous already, buy the technology of company of riverside of Dutch humble benefit subsequently, be already the ThermoLux manufacturer that the product changes, but this company number already made close down before New Year, the thermal collector of Strehe company is 100mm of vitreous canal diameter, interiorly contains take the laminose type vacuum tube that recruits film optionally market is hot board, collect heats up a canal is hot tube. Standard value: Significant part heats up edition of group of 12 glass canal area 2.25m2 1600 euro, 300m2 of 16 groups edition 2200 euro.

Vacuum glass runs thermal collector, its vacuum leak is a problem, because the be in harmony of glass and metal is worn,the reason of vacuum damaged is more ministry (exceed alloy of heat-resisting hardness metal) mechanical intensity is weak, settling way is to consider not to use the pipe of double deck glass that exceeds alloy of heat-resisting hardness metal. Vacuum glass of China is in charge of thermal collector to be a delegate with this now, world output is the biggest. Because outboard glass is in charge of the fine glass canal that the diameter is 50mm or 60mm, big unsuited Yugaowenji heats up hot loss.

Germany is new the structure of vacuum double deck that the vitreous canal of the LengSolartechnik company that come on stage thermal collector is canal of glass of 100mm of use external diameter, vitreous canal and the osculatory department that collect heat runs are screw receives form, vitreous canal and the link that gather provides are be in charge of glass extruding, in the root upright ministry installs screw, it is the construction of shade whorl sandwich that gather manages. The market hot department of structure of laminose type vacuum tube is open to atmosphere, because market is hot the heat of the ministry is adjustable, want method does not increase toward what gather is in charge of to deliver, collect heats up high temperature paragraph characteristic and good. The price: 6 glass are in charge of, device of 1.05m2 of significant part hot area 1079 euro. It is 55-70% to the settle accounts charge of thermal collector shopkeeper.
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