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The flower asperses whole strategy of knowledge of choose and buy
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1, the flower asperses clew of choose and buy

Hydraulic and A, general or inferior area suits to use single function giving water or the flower with less function giving water to asperse, give water stabler, hydraulic and ample area can be chosen muti_function the flower is aspersed, enjoy the fun of a variety of bath giving water.

B, flower asperses tube to divide copper pipe and stainless steel tube, good tube brightness is taller, pull pull out to be out of shape not easily.

C, how does the choice rise fall lever, character rises well fall lever exterior is shining, rise Jiang Songchang and do not become loose, some rising fall lever still designed soap box, use more convenient.

2, the advantage that picks appliance to a water function flower is aspersed

A, managing with; of water, convenient operation

The B, in-house department part that protects a product, lengthen the service life; of the product

C, can remind an user to shut source of water in time.

Alleged shutting a function is conduit medium water closes completely cut off, those who make have again trickle; and drop water function is the flow that makes you certain inside rated time passes, make whole canalage won't be formed close condition, ensure product and each side are damaged not easily.

3, choose the profit that has balata to give flower of water bead bead to asperse

A, need to fiddle with gently only water is covered, can keep clear of furring and block content.

Action of B, adornment: Can configure different color, the shell is novel and beautiful.

C, massage action: When shower, can use a water to cover chafe gently skin, be helpful for circulation of skin layer blood.

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