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Waterproof You Guanjian builds safety
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Since building quality kind complain surmount a car kind complain, since becoming consumer to complain ” of “ large family, building break and leakage problem are complained stress all the time.

3 years ago, because Guangzhou building is slack,occupied construction quality to complain 78 into, this city established building leakage to complain phone of special railway line even. And in random an owner forum, owner complains the card of building leakage to be able to be found everywhere.

Building leakage why so serious? Is leakage problem solved really hard so? Taking these issues, our newspaper reporter interviewed China to build Zhu Dongqing of director of waterproof industry association.

Chinese estate signs up for: Be in our country, be what reason brings about building leakage so serious?

Zhu Dongqing: 20 centuries we had done 889 time to be investigated, as a result indication building leakage basically has 4 big reasons: Material problem is occupied 229% , construction issue is occupied 40% the left and right sides, the scale that designs an issue is in hundred to 20, defending administrative issue also is a reason.

Chinese estate signs up for: What is the specific cause of formation that causes this 4 big slack reasons?

Zhu Dongqing: For instance construction issue, because do not have relevant profession skill,groom and certification system, take an exam without skill, the skill of waterproof construction personnel is worth while and at present anxious.

Waterproof construction is the type of work that through starting work ability realizes social value, had not sufferred relevant groomed worker undertakes construction, how to assure a building not leakage?

Design a part for instance again, waterproof design is concerned with architect not only, also have very big concern with structural division, but division of a lot of architect, construction does not understand waterproof, insufficient to the understanding of waterproof concept, domestic college also does not have relevant professional setting almost.

Chinese estate signs up for: Building leakage can make body of the wall in owner home mildewy, floor cock, the loss is very big, besides the situation with more general report, still have deep arrangement, did not cause the harm that take seriously?

Zhu Dongqing: I want to be carried waterproof with energy-saving relation.

Build in fact energy-saving as waterproof as the building be closely related. Wall body insulation material (especially bibulous model) be afraid that tide fears water, if moistureproof processing was not done good, can bring about insulation material invalidation. After wall body drinks water, still can form aspic to bilge, make mortar expands, craze, the influence builds structural security. Although also be in,develop now a few have the insulation material from waterproof function, but completely waterproof the material of heat preservation is less still, so waterproof layer must have been done, ability achieves a structure truly energy-saving.
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