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Clean is provided sales promotion consumer do not pursue cheap only in September
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“ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” , the home that is a tradition holds peak period. As a result of before a lot of policy adjusts half an year and economy is affected, clean provided an enterprise to express more great expectations to the market September, the personage inside course of study is forecasted in succession will large-scale market demand erupts. This has the market to the clean of the capital is an interest good news, most businessman ” of “ be eager for doing sth, ready “ is rich and generous great gift ” awaits consumer to come.

According to the website investigation shows, a month has apparent ascendant tendency, and in light of the feedback that provides the market to go up according to clean, person discharge has promote considerably, the businessman's discount and sales promotion also are in fervent in undertaking.

Map petty gain needs careful backside trap

According to some brand brand shop inn grows Introduction Liu Wei, to increase sales volume, businessman classics regular meeting organizes some of discount activity. The businessman also can decorate the characteristic of season to roll out different sales promotion kind with the basis, also can get right result. Also can see from this, dozen fold, the means of sales promotion special accord with at present the demand of consumer, such sale is politic not only can make consumer saves many decorating charge, return the sales volume that can promote a product.

Reporter in the capital some famous and large building materials sells see on field, 1090 yuan fission takes some brand cost price implement the price after folding is 599 yuan only, some brand takes even put oneself in another's position to reach cost price of bathroom ark formula 3899 yuan, present price makes work only 1999 yuan, the price after folding is the half left and right sides of cost price only. Very right consumer expresses doubt to this, these brands are handled in lose money in business, or implement does gain hold below the circumstance that is profit reducing half price?

To this, the personage inside course of study expresses, classics regular meeting has not the consumer of know the business by ” of businessman “ flicker. Have more individual in the mentality that essay card businessman likes to cut price in the light of consumer, adopt price of make a false report to be hit again change the method that offer, or huff sells at a discount greatly again, come with this consumer of “ flicker ” .

Clean provides a product quality is uneven brand of best choose and buy

According to Guangdong province bureau of industrial and commercial administration announces a data to show, the 3rd quarter is provincial and current the pottery and porcelain of the domain implement percent of pass is 67 % only. Unqualified project basically is aqueduct crosses ball diameter, ball to discharge, the new standard that sewage displacement function and water seal reply function not to accord with a country to come on stage.
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