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Bath bully warms oneself careful choose and buy
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Bath bully warms oneself as a kind of Wei Yu equipment takes home of common common people already. Come home open tepid bath bully, develop a suit overworked and sweat, those who let a person all enjoy the life is satisfied. However of this kind of life satisfied impersonal person all can be enjoyed, as a result of certain and inferior bath bully still flood the market, let a lot of people that wash bath appreciate the flavor of body cool be bitterly disappointed.

After new building of occupy of citizen Yang Mou, first business that do is spent namely 100 multivariate bath bully was installed in toilet, wash bath to had made preparation in the future for family. When can bathing for the son in the evening in the evening that day, 4 bulb on bath bully destroyed 3. This makes Yang Mou very rusty, thanks to weather just was entered autumn air temperature is passable, if be in in the winter, how can be children of 3 years old canned bear. The following day, yang Mou comes to inn of lamps and lanterns seek redress, attitude of boss of inn of lamps and lanterns is very good, demur did not say to change for Yang Mou instantly 3 bulb. The bulb that knows to did not pass a few days to just changed bad two, the Yang Mou of be perturbed finds inn boss very quickly again, this time inn of lamps and lanterns says what not acknowledge a debt, insisting to say is Yang Mou is used undeserved or voltage is not stable cause, if continue,change need to pay afresh. Talk things over finally without be forced if really to The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of area under administration the door told the whole story, ask inn of lamps and lanterns recoups a loss.

Receive after complaining, enrol far industrial and commercial branch to be expedited instantly execute the law personnel is driven went to inn of lamps and lanterns to undertake be investigatinged on the spot, the bath that discovers Yang Mou is bought bully it is an other place small-sized production manufacturer produces one individual privately owned, the name of an article and brand were not registered. Classics is meticulous look carefully at, discover charge for the making of sth. of this bath bully is coarse, case is frivolous and clear put in serious quality problem. Execute the law personnel comes in Home Yang Mou subsequently, via detecting below the help of property company voltage circumstance is stabilized, preliminary conclusion attributes problem of quality of bath bully bulb. Finally, through executing the law personnel and inn of lamps and lanterns talk things over, agree to do the processing that return money for Yang Mou. To this batch of inn of lamps and lanterns at the same time bath bully reachs bulb, execute the law personnel undertook sampling obtaining evidence, send Technical Division to detect, wait to detect result redo processing.

Accompanying the sell like hot cakes of bath bully market, quality problem makes the central point that people pays close attention to increasingly. The needle is right to consumer of bath bully product complain, enrol far industrial and commercial bureau to combine city technology to supervise a branch to organize special force to be opposite inside area under administration the Wei Yu tool such as bath bully, lamps and lanterns undertook supervisory checking. Discover individual quality is inferior, unqualified bath bully, lamps and lanterns, sit implement wait for a product to still flood the market. Lamps and lanterns and Weiyu's implemental individual shop are specialized in in, execute the law personnel discovers some the whole body of bath bully product is packed is English entirely, neither one Chinese character explains, do not accord with apparently " product quality standard " requirement. The product with the coarse charge for the making of sth. that returns some to be able to see uses home however some famous brand outer packing of famous manufacturer, and the price is not worth 100 yuan however. To apparently unqualified bath bully commodity, industrial and commercial execute the law personnel is carried out on the spot lawfully seal up for keeping, consistent case. Do not instruct next wearing to correct accord with the commodity of the requirement to marking.
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