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Toilet decorates hasten auspicious to avoid fierce 9 big subtle move
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Although toilet is the place of contamination assemble, but every family is indispensable. Even if without the sitting room, the person still can live normally too, but can do not have toilet anything but, importance of toilet of this bit of proof cannot small inspect, house is in the home is geomantic on investigate how to find a place for, should find a place for in where, it is the thing of affliction making a person.

A lot of household, major toilet place is not good, household is geomantic most take an examination of kongfu, it is how to try to be improved for it, the abode that is in a lot of building especially, already the conduit that integral ground designs good toilet to, if want to follow surely ideal divinatory symbols go changing, so the big different difficult statistic of expenditure.

Since be lived in any better, good toilet is arranged already when building, that how choose somewhat? It is this bit nerve-racking most the work that does not pass, do not cross us absolutely cannot an almanac is read old, go begging in difficulty change, and the method that this changes has insight each, can change fierce for auspicious.

Decorating a respect to be about to notice the following:

1, in ancient time toilet sanitation is poorer have bad smell, cannot set in limelight so.

2, modern toilet sanitation is better, the position is so coltish.

3, the closestool of the toilet sits to it is to did not provide way, convenient use for the principle.

4, persistent closestool direction person the behavior that is ignorance.

5, bathroom door is rushing with gate entrance photograph, the calamity of talking around is much, the career is not suitable.

6, bathroom door cannot with kitchen rushing, the housewife in the home is disturbed, can make screen improvement.

7, bathroom door is rushing relatively with bedroom Men Zhengchong, advocate the person that live is sickish.

8, bathroom door cannot develop bed, meeting waist carries ache on the back (foot of lumbago of drift painful head, strong waist, strong base is painful) .

9, the safe that bathroom door cannot develop household, money of easy bad news. How had better the toilet be beautiful in live Bai Hu.

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