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Identify accurate brand choose and buy to protect bath product
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In recent years, a few non-standard manufacturers of the industry that defend bath exploit the weakness of easy copy of appearance of the product that defend bath, imitate wantonly, borrowed even piracy is certain and famous brand, such not only encroached intellectual property badly, and already made a kind of bad habit of the industry stage by stage. It is with elegant vessel exemple, after the reporter is interviewed, learn, its wait for enroach on because of brand, exterior in last few years already incur on 100 million yuan loss.

A few days ago, wei Yujie of Zhejiang elegant vessel has state of limited company Xiang Hang intermediate people court, Shanghai court of the first intermediate people is one-time sue 9 herd, Shen Lu to amount to, Yin Jing be suspected of more than 20 times, its involve the company that defend bath, for in recent years rare.

According to elegant vessel Wei Yujie provides Jing Xiaofang of limited company general manager to introduce, this Ci Yading exterior designs patent dimension to counterpoise is afterwards after brand thought forred the time being last year again large-scale dimension authority acts. The faucet of series of ” of “ regnant the world of research and development of design of proper motion of elegant in March 2006 vessel carries off innovation of product of “ China company designs award (CIDF) ” gold prize; Of the same age in December, another elegant vessel defends bath product to receive in glory “ Germany IF”2007 to produce per year taste design large award, this also is up to now first time of Chinese Wei Yu product carries off large award of world top class design; The enterprise still established elegant vessel industry to design education exercitation base with Chinese academy of fine arts, for innovation talent education provides high grade platform, at the same time the enterprise also owns the design with perfect oneself and technical system. Because having the innovation power with these constant in a steady stream,be, brand of today's top class Wei Yu of China of body of ascend of elegant vessel ability.

Elegant vessel this dimension authority acts, can saying is the person that give tort rings heavy alarm bell noisy. Industry expert expresses, the state that at present competes this kind without foreword caused harm to Wei Yuhang course of study greatly, damaged China badly to protect bath manufacturing industry the figure in memory of world person of the same trade, go against the development of this industry. Because this also warns customer, when the choice protects bath product, do not treat an external form only, more important is attention brand.

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