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The construction that defend bath a few big " blind angle " want vigilance
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DecorateNever absolutely and perfect, almost every family that decorates can stay have a few regrets, or it is the consideration when the design not, or it is to decorate the scanty now.. when to leave ' sequela ' . Especially, do not look down upon this ordinary place, if neither one is designed thoroughly, here decorate same meeting to be done imbroglio. The space of completely of warm electricity of consummate, water is in this function is to attribute difficulty in the home bigger, decorate design, clean to have quality of choice, construction, which cannot ambiguous. Want to be able to leave ' of ' blind angle carelessly a bit only, increase trouble for the use henceforth. The ' of ' blind angle that says here, basically include range of the following tripartite:

One of: Before buying, did not consider to install, after buying, discover both neither is beautiful, use no-go also.

According to introducing, in last few years consumer is right decorate between Wei Yu more and more agree to spend money, and besides construction, follow-up and devoted fund is very big also, normally for the expenditure that buys Wei Yujie to provide only is about to occupy the 1 / that decorates total money probably 8 the left and right sides. Because all sorts of pattern are various, the price arrives from hundreds of yuan ten yuan of difference are vast, consumer is when the choose and buy, cross-stitch work of constant regular meeting eye, the ability after redemptive home discovers to be coordinated far from between the Wei Yu with oneself. For example, in the market 1000 carry 10 thousand chosen lavabo very beautiful, but redemptive home just discovers its build is too some bigger, embezzlement the partial space that take, make box and ash-bin all cannot ' each with respect to each ' , the result is every time when ' convenient ' not quite convenient.

The expert reminds: Consumer had better have considered after all to buy in design phase why to plant product, can ask according to the specific installation of product of place choose and buy when construction and space of technical parameter obligate, transform pipeline, creation to install a condition, assure to decorate a process to be able to be finished smoothly, can normal installation uses the product that defend bath.

: The consideration before start working not, edge construction edge is revised, road of water and electricity is transformed without the graph but abide, leave snake in the grass for follow-up construction.

Usually, adornment company can be drawn for owner decorate blueprint, include integral effect graph, detail construction graph and water circuit to transform a graph to wait among them. But communicate with stylist beforehand as a result of a few owner inadequate, the consideration is not considerate, as construction undertake, put forward to modify an opinion to original design, such edge construction edges are revised, road of water and electricity is transformed etc discover however after take cover engineering is finishing without the graph but abide, leave snake in the grass for follow-up construction. Reader Mr Zhang is such, original design was modified in construction process, the bathroom is installed later when him when lens, bath towel is worn, discover however, face this to block the foot of a wall up to do not know how to start originally, do not know where piece next hiding electrical wiring, he can with decorate a worker to be recollected slowly together, keep away from as far as possible the place that bury a line, even if also fails so escape by sheer luck.
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