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The path experience that brand of homebred hardware faucet develops talks
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Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, face the extruding of ab extra brand, industry need faces domestic faucet how to keep home market portion and the double difficult problem that extend an international market ceaselessly. Below buyer's market, product, technology, service 3 person indispensable, and among them most the competition ability of core is a brand. Actually high-grade not certain have to is imported, chinese production may not is cheap, enterprise of a lot of abroad looks for China to stick a card is a clear proof! But the faucet product that China makes applies in high-grade place is rare really. The brand that makes when China made ring, plus the price dominant position that mainland creates, the product that believes China is made is absolutely competitive. Hardware bibcock of China produces technical craft not to fall behind, the largest inferior position still is a brand.

Lack high-end brand to an industry, not be a favour absolutely. Take hardware bibcock trade for, everybody is gone to in cheap product is squeezed on this boat, be sure to one part enterprise is squeezed head broken and bleedingly. The competitor is much, an idea uses authority on price war, certainly will cannot promote the normal development of the industry.

The expert expresses, brand of devoid high end is right for domestic company, it is an opportunity, but also be a challenge at the same time. Want to found a brand to be not easy thing. It needs an enterprise to have abundant financing, powerful technology capability, distinctive company culture and advanced level of management to wait, also want to have enough patience and will at the same time. With respect to the market, the well-known trademark that hardware bibcock industry needs to have home will advocate consumption, conduct industry development, drive industry progress.

Innovation is the core motive force that makes a brand. Be ancient bronze mirror hereat, we should hold to innovation concept, use progress of science and technology and product research and development, ceaseless production gives the high-quality goods faucet of contented market demand.

Current, the public just still stays in a few international with the acknowledge of faucet on well-known trademark, very little to the acknowledge of domestic brand. Accordingly, the public acknowledge that raises domestic brand hard spends course of study to already was become current and special main task.

Relevant data shows, at present homebred faucet is in in the place in high-end market holds share only 20 % left and right sides, in low end of the market have lead above of about 60 % . Compete as the market gradually the standard is orderly, low end the market will be inevitable the ground is atrophic with each passing day. The expert thinks, domestic brand enterprise should be executed quickly from the strategy that develops simultaneously to strong, inside and outside greatly, contend for market of the high end in the home that is occupied by foreign brand place, enlarge exit actively at the same time in order to enhance gain ability, this ability is the line that hardware bibcock company expands. The perspective of industry of Chinese hardware faucet is wide, the market needs inside powerful. Believe have more than is needed how long, what Chinese faucet brand will get larger deeper arrangement is outspread with development.
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