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Wei Yuxuan is bought cannot insensible 5 big trick
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Before, the in decorate position between Wei Yu is very ordinary, but in last few years, between Wei Yu already more and more get fashionable angle person take seriously, pay attention to life character, in succession bend force is made.

Environmental protection, healthy, vogue, practical, people is higher and higher to the requirement between Wei Yu, busy season is decorated in this, when choose and buy and installation defend the articles for use between bath, need what to respect note?

Sit implement lowrise layer resident adds up to applicable “ to rush fall type”

Buy sit lavatory kind clean is provided should notice to develop water means and water consumption, sit lavatory to water means common cent is straight strong pattern, siphon type and strong fall type 3 kinds. According to introducing, because straight strong pattern turns over flavour big and easily to the noise of water, had exited the market gradually, the siphon type of deodorant section water and strong fall the main trend that type has made the market. Siphon type belongs to Jing Yin to sit lavatory, turn over flavour not easily, strong fall line of the conduit below type is broader, swing is bigger.

According to introducing, to the resident with inferior floor, had better choose strong fall type, because lowrise layer conduit is shorter, strong fall mood swing is bigger, so lowrise layer is chosen strong fall formula is righter, siphon type uses conduit vacuum principle, get used to a high level quite. If the family has two toilet, in “ advocate defend siphon type had better be installed in ” , because of a lot of people actuating pressure is compared big, siphon mood quiet tone, suit “ quite advocate defend ” , “ guest defends ” best installation to rush fall type, strong fall type pipeline is crude, strength of strong water of support cistern pressure is great, put in “ guest to defend suit quite in ” . Sit lavatory water consumption respect, the water is a section that the country provides to 6 litres are measured to water below sit implement, many manufacturer had had size water now (3 litres mix 6 litres) setting, always section water sit implement can have a label, can seek advice to the salesperson when the choose and buy.

Installation is small stick person: Zhang Jian of manager of department of adornment customer service reminds Shi Jie say, sit implement bottom do not use interior of cement arenaceous cram, if fighting is to hide floor tile below, fight circumjacent beard to leave the gap that has 2 millimeter, space should be filled with vitreous glue dry, can produce cement heat to bilge otherwise cold shrink, attaint product.

Bath crock had better choose bath before floor tile- paving tile crock

Bath crock includes ” of crock of bath of “ skirt edge and “ not to have ” of skirt bath crock commonly two kinds big, at present ” of crock of bath of edge of skirt of the “ on the market has made absolutely main trend. Provide Su Min of sale department manager to introduce according to division Le Jie, bath crock makes material cent be crock of bath of common armor plate, Yakeli by its crock of bath crock, cast-iron bath crock, high-ranked imperial concubine, generally speaking, it is easy that crock of bath of common armor plate is cleaned, modelling is more onefold; Yakeli bath crock modelling is richer, but some shorter, ageing hind cleans life not easily; Service life grows cast-iron bath crock, class is high, but the price is higher, carry, installation is more troublesome. The fittings of bath crock and sit lavatory, face basin fittings is same, different bath crock needs the fittings device of different type, its action and meaning not allow oversight.
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